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This is just another crappy Jacksonville, FL community. There's a whole big bunch of us and we needed a community. One without a focus or "status qou". One where we can be the sorry little hellians we are.

It's not made for promoting your crappy band or talent show or rummage sale. If anyone is on more than one Jacksonville-related community, we end up seeing the same damn thing advertised 100 times. It's annoying. We don't care here either.

Moderator will also reserve the right to remove and ban any community member if she feels like it. There's alot of troublemaking hussys on here and I don't want to read their crap in the community. So if I kick and ban you, chances are, nobody likes you and that you need to make new friends. I will have open enrollment until such a time I feel it's not working out in that type of situation.