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Spring Cleaning Sale!

I've done some Spring cleaning recently, and found a few items that I just don't use or need anymore.

I'm set to do a little traveling later this year. I think some extra cash could be useful. As such, I'm putting the following items up for sale. If you have any questions about them, please ask.

A suggested price will also be next to each item. Don't like the price? Make me an offer. I'm not a complete bastard.

Computer games: $7.00 each; any 2 games for $12.00; all 8 games for $40.00 (Click on the link for a game review.)

Baldur's Gate II Collection: A Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game set in the popular Forgotten Realms universe. Comes on 6 CDs. Includes the Throne of Bhaal expansion, as well as a bonus disc. Game instructions are located on the CD.  Throne of Bhaal review.

Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack: A turn-based strategy game by legendary designer Sid Meier. Comes on 1 CD. Has the basic Alpha Centauri game, as well as the Planetary Crossfire expansion. Comes with 2 instruction books. I'm also throwing in a strategy guide by Prima Publishing. Alien Crossfire review.

Age of Wonders : Shadow MagicA turn-based strategy game set in a universe of swords and sorcery. This is the sequel to Age of Wonders 2, and is the latest in the series. Comes on 1 CD, and includes an instruction booklet.

Starcraft: Popular real-time strategy game by Blizzard, the makers of Warcraft, and the increasingly popular World of Warcraft. In this, I'm including the basic game, as well as the Brood War expansion. This comes with an instruction book, and I'm also including strategy guides for both Starcraft and Brood War. These were put out by Prima Publishing.

Mech Commander 2: A real-time strategy game set in the Battletech universe. You command a squadron of Mechwarriors over a number of missions. Then, you can create your own campaigns using the included mission editor. Comes on 1 CD with an instruction booklet.

Sid Meier's Pirates!: This is an updated version of the popular game from the 90s. Live the life of a pirate on the Spanish Main! Raid towns! Battle rival pirates! Search for treasure! The game is updated from the 90s version with excellent graphics and updated gameplay. The old-school version of the game is included on the disk as well. Comes on 1 CD with an instruction book.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: First person shooter that allows you to take on Nazis and much more during World War II. Also has a multiplayer mode. Take on friends over the Internet or via LAN. Comes on 1 CD with instruction booklet.

Star Wars - Jedi Academy: First person shooter that puts you in the shoes of a Padawan learner. Join with Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn to take on dark forces across the galaxy. Your actions will decide if you go towards the light or dark side of the Force. Comes on 1 CD with an instruction book.

Legos: I've got a few different sets here, so the prices will vary. If you want to multiple sets, let me know. I can probably throw in one of the smaller sets as well. I'm putting pictures next to each vehicle. All sets have instruction books. I can sell them assembled or disassembled, if you're into that sort of thing.

Alpha Team collection:

  • Helicopter, comes with 1 figure - $6.00 pic1 pic2 pic3

  • Hovercraft, comes with 1 figure - $4.00 pic1 pic2 pic3

  • Buy them both and I'll throw in a small skiff that includes 1 figure. pic1

Life on Mars collection:

  • Shuttle, comes with 3 figures, a small vehicle, and a probe - $10.00 pic1 pic2 pic3

  • With this purchase, I'm throwing in a couple of vehicles. pic1 pic2

Star Wars collection:

  • TIE Fighter, comes with 2 figures - $10.00 pic1 pic2 pic3

  • A-Wing, comes with 2 figures - $8.00 pic1 pic2 pic3

  • Flash Speeder (from Ep 1), comes with 1 figure - $5.00 pic1 pic2
  • Buy the TIE Fighter and the A-Wing, I'll throw in the Flash Speeder, free!

Interested in buying all of these sets? The price is only $40.00! I've got a few other sets that I didn't bother to assemble. I'll throw those in as well if you want all of the sets I listed. The value of those sets, plus the ones above is somewhere between $60 and $75. You can have the entire collection for $40.00!

Miscellaneous: Various prices. Please see the descriptions for more information and photos.

Computer case: This is a computer tower with 4 5.25 inch bays and 2 3.5 inch bays. I'm including a 3.5 inch floppy drive and a 54x speed CD-Rom drive. Both of these have already been installed in the case. Please note: There is no power supply included in the case. This is basically a shell with a CD-Rom drive and a floppy drive installed. It's ideal for someone looking to build a new system. Price: $35.00 pic1 pic2

Miles Davis subway poster: This is a massive poster of legendary jazz musician Miles Davis. It is 3 feet wide, and 5 feet long. Price: $3.00 pic

The Anomalies graphic novel: 176 pages of power, baby. Check out The Anomalies site. Price: $4.00 pic

Global Frequency comic books: There are 1001 people on the Global Frequency. They can be, and usually are, anyone. I think the comic is kind of like, Mission Impossible meets the X-Files. I have issues 1 through 3, 7, and 9 through 12 available. Price: $1.00 per issue, or all 8 issues for $6.00.

Smoke grenades: various prices; I've checked with JSO and these are legal to own and buy. They do not explode, they just put out smoke. I take no responsibility for any laws you break or damage you cause with these. If you're under 18, don't even bother. Otherwise, be prepared to show ID.

  • Smoke Screen - puts out 75,000 cubic feet of smoke. I've got two of these. Price: $10.00 each. pic

  • Cloud 10 - puts out 10,000 cubic feet of smoke. I've only got 1 of these. Price: $5.00. pic

  • Buy the two Smoke Screens, and I'll toss in the Cloud 10, free.

If you have questions, contact me at

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