Shelley (ieatbubbles) wrote in jacksonhellians,

Rocky Horror Picture Show (xposted)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is being shown at UNF at 10pm this Friday, February 25th. There will be a LIVE shadow cast! (a cast of actors that performs along with the movie). They will also be selling prop bags in order to participate during the movie.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be 30 years old this April! It used to be performed on a regular basis here in Jacksonville, but it hasn't been around for six years. For those of you who have never seen it... it is unlike any other movie experience you will ever have, don't miss out on it! And for those of you who are hard-core Rocky fans... well, I know you don't need much convincing. We hope to see you all there!

(Did I mention there will be people running around in their underwear?)

Be at UNF on Friday, February 25th at 10pm. (NOT midnight like most Rocky performances!)
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