Shelley (ieatbubbles) wrote in jacksonhellians,

More on FREE ROCKY HORROR (xposted, sorry)

I guess knowing a room number would be useful, right?

See The Rocky Horror Picture Show
10pm, February 25th This Friday!
University of North Florida, Building 14, Room 1602
Price: FREE!
However, prop bags will be free thanks to the UNF Pride Club.

There will also be a costume contest.
Expect plenty of audience participation.

Bring Virgins*!

*Those who have seen the movie live know what I'm talking about...

Directions to the show:
If you're coming from San Marco, take 95 North to Butler Blvd. Get off at JTB and turn left at the off-ramp, Turn right into UNF and stay in the right lane. You will have to turn right. go through a light, Park in lot 9/10 (it'll be on your left). After parking, find building 14. If you are near the student cafeteria, you're close. The show is in Building 14, Room 1602.
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